LETTER: Concern over Hampton development

There is great concern amongst the elderly residents of St Edmunds Court Hampton, as to the development of the land directly opposite to the Court on St Edmunds Walk/Eagle Way.

Sunday, 5th March 2017, 12:00 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:56 am

Since the beginning of February, heavy earth moving plant has been moved onto the land and work has started; building a road and parking places.

Now we learn in a letter from the Planning Department that 62 flats, a public house, and two restaurants are also to be built on this small location.

We only had official notification of the building application on Saturday, February 18th telling us we had until March 13th to make our views known.

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For what purpose?

The land has been sold, the builders have moved in. What on earth is going on?

Who passed the plans without consultation of local residents?

I wonder whether the original plans for Hampton which must have been lodged some 10 years ago and which were for only a public house, were running out of their time span, so a buyer for the plot of land was hastily found and building commenced before any objections could be made by neighbouring property owners or tenants.

As a newcomer to this area of Peterborough and as a resident in St Edmunds Court, overlooking the site I am worried about the noise of extra traffic, and various other associated problems.

Particularly in the evenings/ night or early mornings with delivery vans and refuse collection lorries

It would have been interesting to see the original plans and know the background to all of this.

But, unfortunately the website at the planning department is currently unavailable.

Pamela A Campbell