LETTER: Calls for a chair for severely disabled husband during long wait to get into Peterborough Arena fell on deaf ears

DEAR EDITOR: I have just seen the comments on Facebook re the fiasco at Peterborough Arena on Friday evening.

Our daughter lives on the new housing estate across from the Showground and she drove us to the Arena as my husband is severely disabled.

What a joke! The stewards were just standing there not doing anything and once we did eventually get into hall the ushers hadn’t a clue where any of the seats were and had to ask people who were luckily enough to have got seated on time, what seat rows etc they were in.

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There was no sign of emergency exits and to be honest if there had been a fire God only knows what would have happened, or if anyone need an ambulance the would have had to wait as there was no way any of the emergency services would have got through.

There were people walking amongst the traffic, people were getting irate as their taxis that were booked were not allowed to get in. The stewards didn’t tell these people, I told several as I overheard one talking to his colleague.

Our daughter and son in law explained to one of the stewards that her dad was severely disabled and his reply was “well he will just have to wait!” When she queried him he said yes they have to wait.

As I have a bad chest and we stood for a good hour in the fog and drizzly rain awaiting our for our lift, I had a bad asthma attack, my poor husband was almost knocked over several times and if he had been knocked to floor he would have been trampled.

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On Saturday he was still in a lot of pain with having to stand for so long, even asking if it was possible to get a chair for him fell on deaf ears.

As for the Arena saying people should have left early, we left at 7pm to do a two minute journey. It was beyond a joke and I for one am looking for a refund. If I had wanted to only see half of Billy’s concert, I would have bought the DVD and fast forwarded it.

I had called the arena on Friday morning asking about seating for disabled people and wheelchairs and was told I would have to contact ticket master as they didn’t know what the seat arrangements were! Hello you work at the Arena and are putting the show on!

Nikki Malyon