Opinion: ‘Be positive and put the city first’

Peterborough MP Paul Bristowwrites his regular column for the Peterborough Telegraph

Saturday, 5th June 2021, 2:00 pm
Comservative councillors celebrate with MP for Peterborough Paul Bristow after last month's election vote.

When the local election results came in a couple of weeks ago, I don’t mind confessing that I was pleased as punch!

Along with all the candidates, I was there at the Showground waiting for the results.

Despite predictions from some ‘in the know’, the Conservatives made gains and were just one off winning an overall majority.

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Some might ask why I am so pleased at just one net gain? It is because the Conservatives were defending the lion’s share of the seats and the areas we were able to make gains were limited.

But we did make gains. In Dogsthorpe where I don’t think the Conservatives have ever won?

In Bretton, where we now have three Conservatives where in 2016 we had none.

In Gunthorpe and in Fletton and Stanground, where we made gains against entrenched Liberal Democrats.

I am also heartened by results in other parts of my constituency where we didn’t quite make it. But we will now advocate for local Conservatives even harder next time. It’s always local Conservatives who are best placed to solve every day problems.

What difference will this result make for Peterborough?

My friends - the new Leader and Deputy Leader - Wayne Fitzgerald and Steve Allen have a big job. Brilliantly, they promised to bring back free bulky waste collection.

This removes the excuse for flytipping. Together with zero tolerance approach on enforcement, I hope this will mean an improvement to all our lives.

We want a new approach to crime and anti social behaviour. One where the victims of crime are put first, and we say no to drugs, street drinking, and to low level crime.

And Peterborough is a City on the up. Not a day goes by in Westminster when I don’t talk about the potential for my City.

The Government is listening.

They have already given our City £16 million for our university and £23 million for our City Centre.

The new Levelling Up fund means even more investment. Together with the Conservative City Council, NW Cambs MP Shailesh Vara and I are working with the Council on exciting plans to invest even more money in Peterborough.

I am so confident for our future.

Peterborough is finally taking advantage of our location, our hard working people, and our evident potential.

I no longer want to hear unhelpful criticism.

No longer a negative attitude.

Let’s be positive and put Peterborough first.