Local Elections: Labour – the heartbeat of Peterborough

As the sun rises over our beloved city, casting its golden glow upon the River Nene, I find myself compelled to put pen to paper (or rather, fingers to keyboard) and share a few heartfelt words, writes Dennis Jones, Labour Group leader.
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You see, my friends, we stand at a crossroads. A pivotal moment in our democratic journey.

On the 2nd May, we have the privilege to cast our votes, to shape the very fabric of our community.

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And in this moment, I implore you: Let your hearts beat in unison with Peterborough. Let your voices echo through the ‘cobbled’ streets (OK, we don’t have many of those anymore), the bustling city centre, and the quiet corners of our city.

Labour Group leader Dennis Jones (Dogsthorpe)Labour Group leader Dennis Jones (Dogsthorpe)
Labour Group leader Dennis Jones (Dogsthorpe)

Why vote Labour?

Simply, Labour is the heartbeat of Peterborough. For decades, this party has been woven into the very tapestry of our lives. It’s more than a political affiliation; it’s a promise, to uplift, to protect, to champion working people.

Peterborough is a city of grafters, of dreamers, of those who rise before dawn to bake bread, drive buses, and care for our elderly.

Labour understands this. They don’t just talk about the working class; they are the working class.

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Our NHS, Our Treasure. Picture this: A bustling hospital ward, nurses in blue uniforms moving with purpose, doctors scribbling notes, and patients—our neighbours, our friends, clinging to hope.

The NHS is our lifeline, our guardian angel. And Labour? We pledge to protect it, to invest in our hospitals, and to ensure that no one faces a health crisis alone.

When you vote Labour, you vote for a stronger NHS, one that doesn’t buckle under pressure, but stands tall, unwavering.

Education: The Key to Tomorrow. Our children, the bright-eyed souls who skip to school with backpacks heavy with dreams, are our future.

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Labour knows this. We’ve promised smaller class sizes, better resources, and teachers who don’t just teach but inspire.

Imagine Peterborough’s schools buzzing with curiosity, with young minds eager to explore literature, science, and art. That’s Labour’s vision – a city where education isn’t a privilege but a birthright.

Housing, Jobs, and Dignity. Our streets are lined with stories, the single mother working two jobs, the elderly couple struggling to heat their home, the young graduate yearning for a chance.

Labour fights for affordable housing, for job opportunities, and for the dignity of every citizen.

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We won’t, and never have, turn a blind eye to homelessness or precarious work. We will roll up our sleeves and build a Peterborough where everyone has a roof over their head and a sense of purpose.

Unity in Diversity. Peterborough is a mosaic of cultures, languages, and traditions. Our diversity is our strength, our heartbeat.

Labour celebrates this richness. Bridging gaps, breaking down barriers, to ensure that every voice is heard. Whether you’re sipping chai in Millfield or enjoying fish and chips in Werrington, Labour stands with you.

The 2nd May is our moment. So, my fellow Peterborians, let’s paint our town red—Labour red.

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On the 2nd May, let’s march to the polling stations, heads held high, hearts full of hope and vote for the party that believes in us, that fights for us, that dreams alongside us.

Vote for Labour, for Peterborough, for our NHS, for our children, and for the beating heart of our city.

In the immortal words of our poet laureate, John Clare: “I love thee, Peterborough, with a love that knows no bounds.”

Let that love guide your hand as you mark that ballot paper. Let it echo through the centuries, a testament to our shared journey.

Labour: The heartbeat of Peterborough.