No injuries after Storm Eunice blows bus into dyke near Peterborough

Stagecoach has confirmed that there were no injuries after Storm Eunice blew one of their buses off the road near Peterborough on Friday (February 18).

On the day, the fastest windspeed recorded at the Met Office weather station in Wittering was 67mph.

This was at 3:50pm. At 3pm Stagecoach East had suspended all of its services in response to the adverse weather conditions and the fact that one of its buses, a number 37, had been blown into a dyke between Cowbit and Crowland.

The bus was later pulled out and neither the driver or any passengers were injured in the incident.

The number 37 bus blown into the dyke between Cowbit and Crowland. Photo: Deborah Peake.

A Stagecoach East spokesperson: “Storm Eunice caused widespread issues on the roads and on other forms of transport, and our first priority is to keep our passengers and staff safe.

“Following one of our buses being stuck in a dyke on a road between Cowbit and Crowland on Friday, we temporarily suspended all our Peterborough services to ensure the safety of our passengers and drivers. “Thankfully, nobody was injured during this incident, but we need to take every precaution during this extreme spell of weather.

“We have now resumed our services in Peterborough and across the East but encourage passengers to keep a check on our website or social media channels for the latest service information.”