House prices in Peterborough: the 22 neighbourhoods with the with the fastest rising prices

New figures show the areas of Peterborough where house prices and rising and falling the fastest.

Some parts of England have seen house prices rocket by as much as 50% or more in just a year, analysis of official figures shows.

Almost three quarters of neighbourhoods in England saw an increase in property prices in the year to September 2022, but some have seen hundreds of thousands of pounds added onto the average sale price.

Property price data published in the UK House Price Index (HPI) shows the average price for a home in England was £312,513 in September 2022, a 9% increase on the previous year when the average property cost £286,832.


Figures for September 2022 show the average property price in England was £307,710, more than £25,000 more expensive than a year before.

How do property prices compare across Peterborough? Here we reveal the 22 areas with the fastest rising and falling prices.

As the figures cover small areas, average house prices can fluctuate due to low sales numbers and can be heavily influenced by factors such as a new development in the area.