Mohammed tops names list

While the world said goodbye to '˜The Greatest' Muhammed Ali this year, his chosen name has stayed as the most popular boys name in the city for the ninth year in a row.

Thursday, 29th December 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Thursday, 29th December 2016, 3:02 pm
Amelia and Mohammed topped the name charts in Peterborough

But while the top name for boys stayed the same, there was a new chart topper for girls, with Amelia reaching the number one spot.

The top boys names are similar to the national picture, with Mohammed finishing as the second most popular boys name in the country behind Oliver - which finished second in Peterborough.

Many Muslim parents traditionally name their boys Mohammed, after the Islamic prophet, and a variety of different spellings were included to keep the name top of the charts for another year.

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However, Amelia finished 5th in the national league tables, behind Olivia, Lilly, Sophia and Emily.

It is thought parents used royalty as inspiration, with George rising from 10th in Peterborough last year to 4th, while Charlotte rose from 17 to 12. Harry and William are also included in the top 20.

However, Archie, James, Joseph, Henry, Millie, Maya, Phoebe, Sophie and Sienna all dropped out of the Peterborough top 20 list, making way for Ethan, Evie, Freya, Emelia, Max and Logan.

Judy Wilson, superintendent registrar at Peterborough City Council, said: “Following the births of Prince George and Princess Charlotte in recent years both names have continued to increase in popularity with Peterborough parents.

“Overall there are no major changes at the top of the lists, although there a few new names in the top 20 this year including Ethan, Evie, Freya and Logan.”

There were a total of 4,837 births registered in Peterborough (up to December 28).

The full top 20 names, including variant spellings, are:

Girls (2016) - 1 Amelia, joint 2 Olivia and Sophia, 4 Lily, 5 Isabella, 6 Mia, 7 Ella, joint 8 Ava, Emily and Emelia, 11 Ruby, joint 12 Charlotte and Isla, joint 14 Evie and Jessica, joint 16 Freya and Grace, joint 18 Chloe and Poppy, 20 Evelyn

Boys (2016) - 1 Mohammed, 2 Oliver, 3 Harry, 4 George, 5 Alfie, 6 Noah, 7 Charlie, 8 Jack, 9 Joshua, joint 10 Jacob and Oscar, 12 William, 13 Henry, 14 Ethan, 15 Thomas, 16 Logan, 17 Isaac, joint 18 Freddie, Leo and Max.