Misguided petition launched over pet breeding facility

An animal lover is horrified after learning of an online petition against his plans to build a pet breeding unit near Crowland.

Friday, 6th January 2017, 5:12 pm
Updated Monday, 9th January 2017, 12:50 pm
Pet breeding plans for Crowland

Glen Bruce, who currently runs a pet breeding business with his brother in the Crowland area, has spent three years putting together plans for a new ‘state of the art’ unit for the animals on land off Whale Drove.

However, after plans for the unit recently went public and were wrongly described as a rabbit breeding unit, protesters have set up the online petition fearing the unit would be used to supply rabbits for medical research.

Mr Bruce says that is not the case and is appalled that anyone could think this.

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The petition currently has more than 2,000 ‘supporters’. He said: “I’m shocked to be honest with you. My head is spinning over this.

“It is a pet breeding facility to provide animals as pets.

“We are animal lovers and I am appalled that someone would make this assumption that it is something to do with the vivisection trade.

“It is nothing to do with that and we would never entertain something like that. It is not something that people who have a love for animals would do.

“To be described as a rabbit breeding unit is not correct. We are breeding pets, and that includes guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits, as well as a wormery. The idea behind this plan is about the welfare of the animals.

“We want to give the animals the best possible environment. It will be unique. When you go to buy animals from garden centres and other pet shops you see the animals in cages and they have often been moved from place to place before they are collected by the buyer.

“That puts stress on the animals and we wanted to remove that stress by creating a custom environment for them.

“Our idea is that people would be able to see the animals on a webcam (via the pet shop) before they buy them and then be able to pick them up from us.

“It is our intention to look after the animals by creating a comfortable environment.”

He also explained that it would be a ‘green’ facility and eco friendly.

The current plans put in for the unit have been revised after initial plans were turned down by South Holland District Council in 2015.

The council said it had no objection to the business but could not allow the additional isolated dwelling in the countryside, due to landscaping policies.

The new plans have been submitted without the dwelling.