Homes devastated as Peterborough and surrounding communities hit by flooding after torrential rain

Peterborough and nearby communities have been hit by flooding after torrential rain leaving many homeowners devastated on Christmas Eve.

Thursday, 24th December 2020, 3:39 pm
Daniel Shelton at his flooded home at Slade Close, Ramsey

The Met Office had issued a yellow warning which was to begin on Christmas Eve morning but the heavy rain struck a day earlier and has left several residents in Peterborough and the surrounding area dealing with the effects of flooding.Patrick Lloyd, 27, from Peterborough, said he woke up to find much of his home had been submerged in water, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

He then helped to rescue an elderly neighbour who had become trapped without power.

Mr Lloyd said the 86-year-old woman had eventually been taken to hospital after spending around 50 minutes in the freezing floodwater.

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Flood defences at Station Road, Ramsey

He said: “Luckily a bloke driving by saw her and got out and helped us with her. We had to get the fire service out to get her on to a board and we lifted her out for an ambulance. We were worried about hypothermia, she spent a night in hospital, no idea if she made it or not.”

High levels of flooding was also seen in villages surrounding the city including Sawtry and Glatton but Ramsey was particularly hard hit with flooding affecting many streets including Field Road, Station Road and Slade Close.

Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue were at the scene in all three locations and residents in Ramsey Heights were also advised that sandbags were required.

Both Ramsey Community Centre and One Leisure Ramsey were opened as community support hubs for residents that had to be evacuated, in Slade Close the electricity had to be turned off for the safety of residents while the water was pumped out.

Handout photo courtesy of Peter Lloyd of flooding at his home in Peterborough after heavy rain overnight.

The British Red Cross were also on site at One Leisure Ramsey to offer support and the local food bank was preparing emergency food hampers for collection and distribution.

This morning, Councillor Steve Corney, Mayor of Ramsey, arranged for skips to arrive in Slade Close and has put in place provisions for residents to be able to rent dehumidifiers.

The nearby Cromwell Farm has also offered to take in any pets on a temporary basis.

Cllr Corney said: “The help and support given down at Slade Close was amazing, I’m sorry I didn’t get names to thank you all but you will know who you are!

Handout photo courtesy of Peter Lloyd of flooding at his home in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire after heavy rain overnight.

“By all accounts the same has been happening all over Ramsey. Thank you to you all that have stepped up to help, from opening the community centre and One leisure to bailing out water from people’s homes, what an incredible community we live in.

“There are going to be many people that will need even more support these coming days, if you find yourself in this position please get in touch with Huntingdonshire District Council but if you struggle to get through please contact myself, Ramsey Town Council or the guys at Ramsey Neighbourhoods Trust.

“Between us we will do whatever we can to help you.

“Stay safe everyone and thank you again to all those that have done what they can to help today.”

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue have also issued an update on the situation. Commander Simon Newton said: “It’s been incredibly busy for Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service since yesterday afternoon and overnight across Cambridgeshire as a result of significant rainfall.

“We’ve seen widespread flooding across the county. Residents in parts of Ramsey, Alconbury, Earith and Broughton have had to leave their homes due to the severity, along with a number of residents elsewhere in the county.

“Crews worked overnight to assist those stuck in their homes as a result of flooding, and we’ve assisted those who’ve become stranded in vehicles in flood water. We’ve also been working to pump water out of areas worst affected.

“We’ve been working closely with partners and have been supporting operations with regular tactical and strategic co-ordination meetings that have been taking place throughout the night. The situation was declared a major incident yesterday evening.

“Since the first call came in at around 1pm, our Combined Fire Control have received over 400 calls, and we have attended many incidents.

“Call volumes are still high which we expect to continue as the weather front moves into Suffolk.

“We are continuing to respond to flood related incidents and ensure affected communities are safe.

“Residents are reminded to keep out of flood water and only travel if essential. We’d encourage everyone to sign up for their local flood alerts, and follow the advice about what to do if you are affected by flooding.

“Our thoughts are with all those who’ve been affected by the flooding.

“For any residents who’ve had to leave their homes as a result of flooding, a rest centre has been set up at One Leisure in Huntingdon.”

Victims of flooding in the area in need of assistance have been asked to call Ramsey Town Council’s support line on 07714 433022.

If you have been hit by flooding and are in need of support or have any pictures to share please email [email protected]