Historic Peterborough church adds protection to save stunning stained glass windows

Metal grilles are being put up in front of historic stained glass windows at a Peterborough city centre church after a number were smashed.

Thursday, 15th April 2021, 9:42 am
The work to protect the windows has begun. Pic: St John's Church

The windows at St John’s Church are nearly 150 years old, but have been broken a number of times by people playing football in Cathedral Square - and by yobs throwing traffic cones at them.

The church was forced to crowdfund to pay for the metal grilles - and today work is taking place to install the protection.

A spokesman for the church said: “Grilles (fine mesh) are being installed on the east windows to protect the stained glass from footballs and traffic cones!

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“The work was delayed by the pandemic but it is now able to take place. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the cost.”

Speaking in 2019, Rev Canon Ian Black told The Peterborough Telegraph: “A couple of Christmases ago, someone threw a traffic cone through the window on Christmas morning. We had to pick glass out of the crib.

“The windows date back to the 1880s - we can’t just fix them. We have to get them remade. It takes a long time to remake them, and we have had a bill for £1,000 for one of them.”

He added: “We have considered doing this for a long time, but we have had to do it now. We were reluctant to do it, but we have to protect the windows.

“When the grilles are in place, you would hardly notice they are there. “