11 Spalding care home workers nominated for prestigious awards

Award nominations for Spalding carers
Award nominations for Spalding carers

Eleven employees at a Tanglewood Care Homes are keeping their fingers crossed ahead of the second annual Lincolnshire Care Awards next week.

The team members have all been nominated for awards by care home managers, colleagues, residents or families – and they will find out if they’ve won at a ceremony in Lincoln on February 22.

Tanglewood employees make up one-fifth of the total nominees, and 11 of them work in one care home – Cedar Falls in Spalding.

The shortlisted candidates are:

Nursing category

• Stephanie Hewat-Jaboor, Mariana Anton and Susan Palethorpe

Residential category

• Artur Haluszko, Vivian Smith, Chris Inte and Brenda Love

Care Leadership category

• Kryzystof Krzysztofiak and Anita Malkevica

Outstanding Learner category

• Susie Neupane

Supporting Role category

• Andy Pridmore

The Lincolnshire Care Awards celebrate outstanding care workers, teams and organisations. The event is staged by the Lincolnshire Care Association (LinCA) and will take place at the County Assembly Rooms in Lincoln at 7pm on Thursday February 22.

Tracy Ann Shelbourn, founder and Director of Tanglewood Care Homes, said: “We are delighted to be part of the LinCA Care Awards again this year, a special occasion for every care community in Lincolnshire to join hands in celebrating our ‘care heroes’ – dedicated nurses, carers and support teams that make a difference in the lives of the people we care for.”

Melanie Weatherley, Chair of the Lincolnshire Care Association, said: “The amazing work carers do isn’t celebrated enough so it’s an honour to host this event and recognise the great contribution of those from the care sector in Lincolnshire.

“I meet brilliant care workers, nurses and leaders every day and they deserve their work and achievements to be celebrated in such a way. The work they do in the county is so important and they are so valued by the people they care for, their colleagues and all of us who benefit from high quality care.”