VIDEO: 85m historic brickwork chimneys demolished in Whittlesey

Two historic old brickwork chimneys in Whittlesey have been demolished today (May 21).

By Ben Jones
Friday, 21st May 2021, 12:18 pm

The chimneys stood on the site of the former Saxon Pit brickworks in Whittlesey until they were demolished at just before 10am this morning.

Holes were made in the bottom of both chimneys and nitro-glycerine explosive charges were laid to bring them down. An exclusion zone was set up to ensure the safety of the many people that stood on verges close to the site to get a glimpse. Three klaxons were sounded before each charge was set off and the large structures came crashing to the ground.

The demolition all went ahead smoothly, despite the high winds.

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One of the iconic chimneys crashes to the ground. Picture: Chris Lowndes

The chimneys have stood on the site for over 50 years, while the Saxon pit has been serving brickworks for over 100 years, according to Historic England.

Observer Tony Harris said: “This is something I’ll probably only get to see once in my life. The chimneys are an iconic part of the skyline around here and it will be a bit unusual to not see them anymore.

“They started a bit early which took me by surprise and they created a lot more dust than I was expecting and of course the wind helped blow it right over to where I was standing! It was really interesting to see it first-hand though.”