Peterborough McDonalds widens litter picks following complaints over rubbish near nature reserve

Rubbish near Eye Nature Reserve. Pic@EyePeterboroughRubbish near Eye Nature Reserve. Pic@EyePeterborough
Rubbish near Eye Nature Reserve. Pic@EyePeterborough
McDonalds has added the entrance of a Peterborough nature reserve to their litter picking rounds after residents raised concerns about the amount of fast food rubbish being left near the site.

Yesterday the Peterborough Telegraph reported piles of McDonalds packaging had been left near the Eye Nature Reserve, just a few days after the McDonalds Drive Thru had been opened in Eye Green.

Today, a spokesman for McDonalds said: “We take our responsibility around litter very seriously. For the past 30 years, we have been conducting daily litter patrols and these have continued since our recent reopening.

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“We have a dedicated team carrying out litter picks in the surrounding area, collecting others’ rubbish as well as our own and we encourage customers to dispose of their litter responsibly.

“This is the first time we have been made aware of this specific litter concern, and the Eye Green McDonald’s team has now added this to a number of areas in the local community that are targeted on litter patrols.”

Eye, Thorney and Newborough councillor Nigel Simons praised the response of the chain and said: “We have a very good understanding with Eye Green McDonalds.

“Whenever we ask for extra litter picks and any other issues we have found them to be very helpful, so thanks to store manager Simon Baxter and franchisee Mathew Jarrett.

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“It is very disappointing people do not dispose of there rubbish in a sensible manner, choosing to blight our very well used nature reserve, which we hold in very high regard in memory of Bill Green.

“Also we have been working with PCC to solve the drainage problem we had a few weeks ago there.

“Thanks also to Martin Mills involvement at Eye Green nature reserve.”

Along with Eye Nature Reserve, there were complaints about litter problems at Ferry Meadows following a bumper crowd there over the bank holiday weekend.