Ban on harvesting of shellfish at River Nene overturned

Following further sampling of shellfish harvesting beds at the mouth of the River Nene, Fenland District Council has withdrawn a temporary closure notice issued on February 20, 2020.

By Joel Lamy
Saturday, 18th April 2020, 5:00 am
Updated Saturday, 18th April 2020, 6:36 am

The council issued the temporary closure notice, prohibiting the commercial harvesting of shellfish from the Nene Mouth shellfish beds, after raised levels of bacteria were found.

But further shellfish samples taken in March and April have shown that microbiological levels are now within the normal range and in compliance with EU health standards.

Cllr Samantha Hoy, Fenland District Council’s portfolio holder for environmental health, said: “The council’s environmental health team undertakes routine sampling of shellfish to check microbiological and naturally occurring toxin levels.

A ban on harvesting of shellfish at the River Nene has been overturned

“The period of high rainfall earlier in the year is likely to have been the cause of the high microbiological counts found in a shellfish sample taken in February. The council will continue to closely monitor future sample results and will, if necessary, take appropriate action to safeguard public health.”

For further information, contact the council’s environmental health team at: [email protected]