Rubbish left at Bishop's Road recreation area after a visit by Travellers.

Anger at discarded litter after Travellers visit recreation area in Peterborough

Residents have expressed their anger after a large amount of litter was left discarded after Travellers visited a recreation area in Peterborough.

Monday, 5th July 2021, 5:07 pm

Residents noticed the presence of caravans on the recreation site along Bishop’s Road in the city centre over the weekend (July 3-4).

The caravans had moved on by this morning (July 5) but a number of bags of litter were just left discarded on the grass, which is close to a children’s play area.

Similar problems were seen last month in Eye, when Travellers moved on from Manor Farm Park, leaving behind litter, human waste and discarded branches from trees that had partially chopped down.

One resident said: “It’s so frustrating to see our green spaces treated this way. If this last year has shown anything, it is how important they are to the community.”

Another added: “Behaviour like this just spoils things for everyone. Lots of children use that area and I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking my children to play in an area filled with cans and bottles and other things that could be dangerous.


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