Enforcement threat after Peterborough park bins left overflowing again

Enforcement action has been threatened against the managers of a Peterborough park after bins were once again left overflowing.

Saturday, 29th June 2019, 7:00 am
Left: The most recent example of an overflowing bin at the park. Right: A past example

Peterborough City Council said it was contacting Greenbelt about green space which is on the path leading from Sugar Way to the railway track, behind Boleyn Avenue, and warned that if there was a repeat of the current litter blight it “will be taking enforcement action”.

The Peterborough Telegraph highlighted residents’ concerns back in March when mum Louise Ann Gross said she has had to stop taking her two-year-old son Theo to the privately management park because of how dirty it was.

The park was cleaned soon afterwards and Greenbelt insists it contracts a company to empty the bins.

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But the overflowing litter has continued to annoy local residents, with one, Matthew Downes, stating: “It keeps happening and is a health hazard.”

City councillor Andy Coles said: “I’m pleased to say Greenbelt’s director of services has been in contact and has arranged for the park to be cleaned up. I’m now hoping to get a Peterborough City Council bin close to the area so that these bins can be removed completely.

“I should emphasise that the play park bins should not be used as dog waste bins - they are not designed for the purpose and do not belong to the council. Dog walkers are pretty responsible folk as a rule and I am sure they will use our council bin further down the path while we sort out the necessary changes.”

A council spokeswoman said: “We are in the process of contacting the company to let them know the bins need emptying again. We are also highlighting that they should consider a local contractor to empty bins, and if it continues we will be taking enforcement action.”

A Greenbelt spokesman said: “The play area litter bin in Ponsonby Drive is regularly monitored and emptied by Greenbelt’s contractor. However, if walkers and dog owners overload the bin with litter and dog waste when it is already close to full, inevitably it will overflow.

“Having been alerted to the overflowing bin between the scheduled visits, we acted immediately to ensure it was emptied.

“We would like to emphasise the bin is specifically designed for play area users as a convenience, such as for kids’ sweets wrappers, and not for dog waste etc.

“We continue to work with the local councillor to find ways of ensuring there is extra provision in the future that would serve as the best long-term outcome for everyone in the local community.”