These are the potentially dangerous drivers who have had their cars seized by police in Peterborough in the last 10 days

Police cracking down on driving offences in Peterborough in an effort to make our roads safer have been tweeting pictures and details of every car they seize in Peterborough as they seize them.

Wednesday, 20th February 2019, 10:51 am
Updated Monday, 25th February 2019, 7:40 pm
Cars seized by police in Peterborough

This is every car stopped and seized by traffic officers in our city in the last 7 days and the details of the offences. Follow them on twitter @roadpoliceBCH and @pborocops

Foreign registered vehicle stopped in Peterborough being driven by a UK resident. Reported for having no VED and vehicle seized..
Vehicle failed to stop for Police. Abandoned and occupants fled. Vehicle recovered to be forensically examined

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Not only did this driver fail to stop for @BCHPoliceDogs, he also failed to stop for the keep left bollard and broke his wishbone. Drugs/cash/knuckle duster located within, 2 arrested
Another vehicle stopped in Peterborough. The driver has no insurance and failed a roadside breath test and failed a drug swab showing positive for cocaine. Vehicle seized and driver arrested
Intelligence received in relation to an uninsured vehicle in Hampton. Just 3 hours later targeted patrols have caught the driver. We have seized the vehicle and reported the driver for offences.
Almost crashing your car into a police van will get you noticed especially when the driver is using their mobile phone and driving mum's car while not insured
Another one for the crusher in Peterborough. This driver has a provisional licence, no L plates or supervisor. Driver reported and vehicle seized..
Vehicle stopped in Peterborough. Being driven uninsured. Driver reported, vehicle seized
Peterborough....this driver has owned the car for the last 4 years! Its VED expired in 7/2015! Vehicle seized and fines to follow
Peterborough.... this driver was seen travelling too fast on a 60mph restricted dual carriageway (A1139). Stopped and subsequently provided a positive drug wipe for cannabis. Arrested and on his way to custody.
Peterborough - Vehicle has various pieces of trim loose and sticking out from the bodywork. Reported for driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition, the MOT due in 2 days may be expensive
Vehicle stopped in Peterborough. The driver has no insurance. She is also wanted for failing to appear at court. Arrested and vehicle seized.
Peterborough - taxi to police parking! Loaded up another - provisional licence holder with no insurance and car notified off road. Already had 9 points on his provisional, so likely to be disqualified
Another vehicle stopped in Peterborough. The driver has no insurance and a provisional licence. Driver reported and vehicle seized
Peterborough - driver swapped his licence from a non-EU country to an EU licence. This licence is only valid in the country it was exchanged in, it does not have the same freedom to drive in the EU as if the test was passed in Europe. Driver reported and car seized.
Peterborough - This driver is uninsured and has failed a roadside drug swab showing positive for cannabis Vehicle seized and driver arrested
Peterborough - as soon as the driver saw us she attempted to clear the windscreen, the result was still very poor visibility. A few minutes to clear your screen in the morning could save a life - theres no way this driver couldve seen a pedestrian or cyclist!
Peterborough - This male purchased this car two days ago giving the seller 200 to sort the Insurance! He didnt ! Vehicle seized driver reported, points and fine to follow
Vehicle seen on A15 Peterborough. Checks reveal insurance expired 09/18! Vehicle seized and driver reported. Points and fine to follow
Vehicle seized for No insurance.
Vehicle seized and driver reported for driving without insurance.