Teenager stabbed man through the heart following argument in Peterborough street, murder trial told

An 18-year-old woman stabbed a man she met just three days before through the heart following a night out in Peterborough, a court has been told.

Tuesday, 9th April 2019, 4:03 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th April 2019, 4:07 pm
Filip Jaskiewicz

Martyna Ogonowska killed 23-year-old Filip Jaskiewicz in the early hours of Sunday, October 21 2018 in Mr Jaskiewicz’s car in Oakdale Avenue, Stanground.

Ogonowska fled the scene after delivering one, fatal, stab wound, but later handed herself into police, where she said the incident had been an ‘accident.’

Ogonowska denies murdering Mr Jaskiewicz.

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Police investigate the death at Oakdale Avenue, Stanground EMN-181021-152034009

Today (Tuesday) Cambridge Crown Court heard how the pair had met just a few days before - and on Saturday, October 20 they had gone to The Solstice Bar in Peterborough on a night out with two friends - Zofie Fedakova and Peter Csisco - and Ogonowska’s mother.

Andrew Jackson, prosecuting, told the court the group met at Ogonowska’s home in Victoria Place, with Mr Jaskiewicz - who was working as a van driver at the time of the incident - bringing a bunch of flowers.

Mr Jackson said Mr Jaskiewicz was attracted to Ogonowska, and had hoped to start a relationship with her.

The group left the house and headed to The Solstice Bar in the city centre.

Police investigate the death at Oakdale Avenue, Stanground

He said Ogonowska’s mum was carrying a blue plastic bag, which the two friends had assumed contained alcohol. The bag was stashed away behind bike sheds near the bar.

The group eventually left at about 2am, with Ogonowska, Mr Jaskiewicz, Mr Csisco and Miss Fedakova heading towards Central Park, where Mr Jaskiewicz had parked his car. Ogonowska had retrieved the bag.

Mr Jackson said: “Mr Jaskiewicz was over the drink drive limit. He was driving nowhere in particular, and at times he was driving rather fast.”

He told the jury at 5.04am, the VW Polo was parked on Oakdale Avenue, with a private security camera picking up the car.

Police investigate the death at Oakdale Avenue, Stanground

Ogonowska got out of the car, and was followed by Mr Jaskiewicz.

Mr Jackson said; “They had been arguing and the defendant got out of the car. Mr Jaskiewicz followed her, and grabbed her. He then either pushed her over or she fell.”

He told the court Ogonowska then told Mr Jaskiewicz she wanted ‘nothing more to do with him.’

The two friends then got out of the car, and calmed the situation down, with all four then getting back into the car.

Mr Jackson said Ogonowska continued to argue with Mr Jaskiewicz - although he stayed calm, looking at his phone.

He said; “You’ll hear Mr Jaskiewicz was clam. He put a hand towards her. She pushed it away. Suddenly the two friends heard what sounded like a punch. In fact it was the defendant stabbing Mr Jaskiewicz.”

Mr Jackson said the stabbing was ‘purposeful’ and was strong enough to pierce the heart. She then pulled the knife from his chest.

Ogonowska then ran from the scene, followed by her friends - who the court heard did not know she had a knife until they caught up with her. Mr Jackson said she left Mr Jaskiewicz to ‘die alone.’

She ordered a taxi to take her to an ex-boyfriend’s house, where she cleaned the knife. She also contacted her mother by Facebook, saying ‘I f***** him with a knife. The whole knife went into the heart. What should I do?”

She called a taxi to take her to Thorpe Wood Police Station, taking the knife with her. She was arrested.

In interview she said it had been an accident, and she had forgotten she had the knife in her hand when she punched him.

Mr Jackson said the prosecution’s case was Ogonowska could not rely on a defence of self defence, as she could have got out of the car at any point, called the police, or sought help from one of the houses on the street if she felt threatened.

Mr Jackson told the jury, made up of seven men and five women, to put aside any feelings of sympathy or repugnance to make sure they came to a fair and just verdict.

Ogonowska, who is charged with murder and possession of a knife, denies both charges.

The case is set to last for up to three weeks.

The trial continues.