Teenage woman accused of murdering man in Peterborough told police she was 'very sorry,' and the stabbing had been 'an accident'

A teenage woman accused of stabbing a man to death in a Peterborough street told police she was 'sorry' it had happened and it was an accident - and that she had been given the knife by a friend moments before the fatal stabbing.

Monday, 15th April 2019, 5:55 pm
Updated Monday, 15th April 2019, 6:02 pm
Martyna Ogonowska outside court

Martyna Ogonowska (18) is accused of murdering Filip Jaskiewicz (23) in the early hours of October 21 last year, following an argument in Oakdale Avenue, Stanground.

Today a jury at Cambridge Crown Court heard her say she had never carried a knife in public before that day.

She took to the witness stand as the defence opened their case, and told jurors she had come to Peterborough from Poland when she was aged around 12 or 13, and went to Stanground school, leaving without any qualifications aged 15.

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Matthew Jewell, defending asked her: "Had you ever carried a knife in public before October 21? Had you told anyone you had carried a knife?"

Speaking through a Polish interpreter, mum-of-one Ogonowska, of Victoria Place, Peterborough, replied 'no, never.'

The jury also heard her police interview, given when she attended Thorpe Wood Police Station. She had called a taxi to take her to the station at about 7am on October 21, and was interviewed by police later that day.

She told police :"I think I killed someone. It was an accident, I wanted to punch him with my fist. It was self defence."

She added: "'I was defending myself, he wouldn't let me go, I didn't mean to stab him."

During the interview, she said she had met Mr Jaskiewicz on Thursday, October 18, and 'they both kind of liked each other' and had agreed to meet up on Saturday, October 20 for a party.

After they had been to The Solstice, she said she had warned Mr Jaskiewicz not to when he was 'paralytic' drunk.

She said he had shouted at her for sitting on his packet of cigarettes when they got in the car with her friends Zofie Fedakova and Peter Csisco.

When the car eventually pulled up in Oakdale Avenue, she told police she got out and said she was going to walk home - and when she got out of the car, Mr Jaskiewicz followed, grabbed her by the arm, slapped her, and pushed her to the ground, grazing her knees.

She told police her friends got out of the car to help her up and calm the situation down, as they were both shouting at each other.

They then all got back in the car - but Ogonowska told police Miss Fedakova then asked her to get out of the car.

They both did, and were talking at the back of the vehicle. Ogonowska told police: "She (Miss Fedakova) said 'he's an idiot, you don't know him.'

"In the end I took the knife."

She told police she got back in the car, Mr Jaskiewicz continued to argue with her. She said she showed him part of the knife to try and make him stop, but she said he just laughed.

She said they punched each other - she said she punched him three times 'straight on' before one punch 'to the side', when the fatal wound was delivered. She said she forgot she was holding the knife when she punched him.

She said: "It was an accident. I tried to help him, to stop the bleeding."

She said Miss Fedakova and Mr Csisco came up with the idea to go to her ex's house in Taverners Road, but she had wanted to call an ambulance.

She added: "I regret everything that happened. I regret taking the knife off her. I wish I had never touched it."

She admitted in the police interview she could have left the car at any point, and was not sure why she had not.

When she was asked by police if she intended to kill Mr Jaskiewicz, she said :"No, I'm not a murderer, never."

She ended the interview saying: "I'm very sorry, I'm very sorry for everything that happened, I didn't mean to do it, it was an accident."

Ogonowska denied one count of murder and one count of possession of a knife in a public place.

The trial continues.