Residents in Peterborough street forced to clear up needles as drug abuse makes lives a misery.

Residents have been forced to clear used needles up from their street as drug abuse makes their lives a misery.

Friday, 1st October 2021, 6:36 am

The householders living in Green Lane, Millfield, have said the needles and other drug paraphernalia have made the street dangerous for youngsters - leaving them to clear the mess up for themselves.

Silvana Petzold said: “We at Green Lane in Millfield trying get antisocial behaviour, littering and drug dealing and consuming under control.

“We have a local car park in our street which is owned by the council and requested several times to clean it and remove the metal railing so that we won’t have anyone sitting there and drinking.

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Items found in the car park

“As nothing happening, we have been taking matters in to own hands and started clearing the greenery and all the rubbish, including vodka bottles and beer cans etc

“Last week we had to report six discarded needles to the council and as well the rubbish collection, the needles were collected however the rubbish is still there.

“Today we continued the cleaning and found 11 needles, a knife and two magnetic metal spoons (used to heat up heroin) and reported once again.

“These junkies are taking their drugs in front of us and it’s becoming quite frustrating to say the least.

“It is dangerous for our children to even walk on the path as the needles are just thrown on the side.”

The street straddles to council wards - Central and Park wards.

Central ward councillor Mohammed Jamil said work was underway to tackle the issues in the area.

He said; “As ward councillors we are aware of the problems faced by the residents of Green Lane. We have raised the matter with the police and have requested a higher level of patrols in the area.

“Life is getting almost unbearable for the residents because of the anti social behaviour emanating from the car park and the fact that Green Lane is a quiet road.

“We are in the process of organising a ward walk in the area and will be inviting our local policeman to see how we can jointly resolve the issued raised by residents.”