Police and crime commissioner visits Peterborough homeless charity

The Peterborough and Cambridgeshire Crime Commissioner visited a charity supporting homeless residents inPeterborough to discuss supporting crime victims and witnesses.
Mr Preston visited the centre last weekMr Preston visited the centre last week
Mr Preston visited the centre last week

Darryl Preston visited the Garden House to find out more about the charity’s work and discuss how they can work together to implement his key priorities such as crime prevention and supporting victims and witnesses.

Light Project Peterborough’s CEO, Steven Pettican, said; “It was great to meet with Darryl today to show him around the house, introduce him to guests and discuss how our organisation can help him with his overall policy. We have a strong relationship with the Police and will continue to build on our work together by not only helping to prevent crime in Peterborough but also supporting the vulnerable people and wider community.”

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Mr Preston said:“Ahead of my new Police and Crime Plan being published later this month, I wanted to stop by the Garden House to find out more about how the charity are supporting the homeless population in Peterborough. Prevention and supporting victims and witnesses of crime will feature heavily within my Plan and it is clear that Light Project Peterborough are working hard in these areas to tackle crime and keep communities safe. I would like to thank the dedicated staff and volunteers for taking the time to speak to me about the valuable work they do.”

The Garden House is an essential hub for the homeless . Within the beautiful setting of Peterborough Cathedral grounds, there is a real atmosphere of peace, healing and belief that everybody should have hope

for the future. The charity is serving the city by running a multi-agency approach and hosting other organisations such as the city council, Aspire, CPFT, Reed, and the NHS to ensure people are helped in a co- ordinated and streamlined method. They provide one to one personal support and with a constant flow of people coming through the doors, the team assist them all in unravelling complex issues to help them progress.