Peterborough residents call for action after city centre stabbing

Residents have called for increased safety measures after a man was stabbed in an attack on the riverside city centre.

Thursday, 21st October 2021, 4:59 am

Following a stabbing in the city centre on a popular footpath in the city centre near ASDA shopping centre and Charters Cafe and Bar, some residents have said they are ‘scared’ to use it.

The victim, who is in his 20s, was on a bicycle when he was approached by a man who asked him to hand over the bike.

After refusing to hand it over, the victim was then punched and pushed away from the bike before two other men approached him from behind.
One of the group then stabbed the victim twice to his lower back and ran off towards Bridge Street and the city centre.

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The Peterborough Telegraph understands that, at this point, a member of staff at Charters and a customer rushed to the victim’s aid.

The victim was taken to Peterborough City Hospital with serious but not life-threatening injuries and has since been released.

The Peterborough Telegraph ran an article a few months ago in which residents described the area as a ‘no go’. The riverside path by the bottom of the level crossing at Wharf Road, has been a popular route for cyclists, dog walkers and runners.

After Tuesday night’s (October 19) violent incident, residents are calling for an immediate increase in safety measures along the walkway.

Concerned cyclist, Martina Isceri from Woodston said: “Me and my partner use this to cycle to work and this scares me a lot. I think more security cameras would be great but I’m afraid this won’t happen.”

Zoe Hilliard from Woodston used to use the path but has since changed her mind.

She said: “I went for walks towards ASDA last year in lockdown for some fresh air and was thinking about doing it again but now this has happened that will definitely not be happening. So sad at how bad Peterborough has got, don’t even feel safe walking on my own in daylight.”

One resident, who lives near the stabbing scene but did not want to be named, said the riverside path where the robbery took place was now a ‘no go area’.

He said: “There are so many things that go on down there. My partner will not walk down there because it is too dangerous.

“There was a post on one of the Woodston Facebook groups where someone had a picture of a man walking down there holding a big carving knife.

“There are major issues with drug taking down there.

“I know the police have put up posts of them doing undercover patrols in the area, but it needs to be a visible presence to have an impact.

“It is a total no go area.

“I don’t know what the answer is.”
A spokesperson from Cambridgeshire Police confirmed they were ‘working on long term improvements’.

They said: “The incident last night is believed to be an isolated incident. In terms of patrols, the neighbourhood policing teams will be patrolling these areas. We’re also working with partners to see what can be done longer term to make improvements within the area.”

Councillor for Fletton and Woodston, Cllr Andy Coles said: “This nasty incident is just the latest worrying crime incident along the riverbank. I understand the victim of the attack hasn’t suffered life-threatening injuries, but we must get a grip on this area of the city.

“I know police are patrolling the area as regularly as they can, but we need to act more widely to make the area safer. We must discourage drug use and reduce anti-social behaviour along the Riverside Walk.

“Lighting and cctv coverage is poor, partly because the land where the robbery took place is not owned by the council. We must get all landowners in the area to be more aware of the need to keep the pathways clear and to improve visibility.

“I’m pleased to say our local police neighbourhood team are working closely with council officers to come up with some long term solutions involving a number of organisations so that residents can feel safe walking or cycling into town.”