Peterborough murder accused ‘can’t remember’ stabbing man to death at party

A man accused of murdering a fellow party goer in Peterborough last year has admitted he stabbed the man - but told a jury he can’t remember the incident.

By Stephen Briggs
Thursday, 13th January 2022, 4:17 pm
Daniel Szalasny
Daniel Szalasny

Daniel Szalasny (22) died after being stabbed by Bradley Plavecz outside a home in Crown Street in Peterborough in May last year.

Today Plavecz (20) of Arkwright Way, Gunthorpe, told a jury at Peterborough Crown Court he did stab Mr Szalasny - but says he can’t remember the moment he killed the man.

Mr Szalasny suffered six stab wounds in the incident, including a fatal wound to the heart.

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Plavecz denies murder.

Taking to the witness stand today, Plavecz said he had attended a number of parties at the address in the past, as he knew the owner of the house. He said he had never met Mr Szalasny before that night.

He said he had turned up at the address at about 7pm on May 7, before leaving to get changed and returning later in the night.

He told the jury that his ex-girlfriend had argued with a female friend of his in the kitchen at the party.

He said after there had been an argument between the two women, Mr Szalasny had come into the kitchen.

He told the jury: “Daniel came into the kitchen. I did not know what he was saying. It was loud. I did a nervous laugh. He tried to come towards me, then one of his friends tried to stop him.

“I don’t know why he tried to come towards me. He had his hands in his trousers, trying to come towards me.

“I picked up a knife from the sink.”

He told the court the knife was a ‘normal kitchen knife,’ saying it was not a bog knife.

He said he put the knife in the waistband of his trousers.

When asked by defence barrister Stephen Spence if he had taken a knife to the party, he said he had not.

Plavecz said Mr Szalasny had ‘pulled something’ when they were in the living room, and he had cut his hand trying to grab it.

He told the jury: “Daniel pulled something. I couldn’t tell you if it was a knife.

“He was next to the doors. My instinct was to try and grab it. It was sharp. I didn’t realise it had cut me.”

He said shortly afterwards, the owner of the home had ‘kicked everyone out’ of the house.

While outside, Plavecz said Mr Szalasny had punched him.

When asked what happened next, he said; “I don’t remember.”

Mr Spence asked what he remembered next, and he replied: “Just running. He followed me. I heard him fall to the floor. I didn’t realise what happened. It was so quick.
“I still had the knife in my hand. I just kept on running.”

Opening the case, prosecutor John Farmer told the court that while Plavecz accepted stabbing Mr Szalasny, he denied murder, with evidence set to be heard tomorrow looking at the defendant’s ADHD, and how it would affect his self control.

The trial continues.