Peterborough man faces jail after trying to cheat theory test

A man who used a Bluetooth headset to try and cheat the driving theory test could be jailed.

Tuesday, 28th May 2019, 5:00 pm
Garib was caught using the Bluetooth set

Ako Garib (44) of Keeton Road, Peterborough, went to take his driving theory test on May 11 last year - but rather than trying to pass on his own merits, Garib tried to use technology to beat the system, hiding an ear piece in headphones.

Today (Tuesday) he appeared at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court where he pleaded guilty to possessing an article for use in fraud.

The court heard Garib now faces a jail term as a result.

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Andy Cave, prosecuting, told the court: “When someone attends the theory test centre, they are invited to read the rules and regulations, and to adhere to them.

“They are then given headphones to listen to the test, and told sit down at a work station to complete the test.

“On May 11 this defendant aroused suspicion by the way he was acting.

“It was discovered he had hidden a Bluetooth set inside the headset, which was being used to pass the answers to him.”

Mr Cave said Garib was co-operative with the authorities, and admitted his guilt.

The court was told Garib had passed his test previously, but was forced to retake it after picking up six points. He had then failed his theory test, and Mr Cave said this was ‘a desperate attempt’ to pass.

Mr Cave said it was a case where there was high culpability - because of the planning Garib used ahead of trying to take the test, and also greater harm.

He said: “The test is there to protect all road users. The driving licence can allow people to progress with their job, drive when they are abroad, and have an impact on insurance companies. The licence is an important document, probably second only to a passport.”

He said that if it was found there was higher culpability and higher harm, then the starting point for sentencing was 18 months in jail.

There were no representations from the defence.

Magistrate Mark Cross said the case was too serious to be heard at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court, and sent it to Peterborough Crown Court, where a judge has more sentencing powers.

The case will be heard on a date to be confirmed, and Garib was granted bail until the next hearing.

The person on the other end of the Bluetooth device, passing answers to Garib, has not been caught.

A second man, charged with a similar offence said to have taken place on a different day in May 2018 had been due to attend court today, but he did not turn up. A warrant for the arrest of Zainullah Adrimzai (24) of Lilac Road, Peterborough, was issued by the court.