Peterborough man attacked housemates after argument over 'house rules' court told

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A Peterborough man who attacked and punched two housemates in an argument over '˜house rules' regarding an electric heater has been handed a suspended sentence.

Peterborough Crown Court heard Rokas Dailide, 22, angered other residents of a property in Shore View, Peterborough, by using the heater in the bathroom.

They felt this was too dangerous and was breaking the ‘house rules’, but when they raised the issue the conversation got heated and Dailide was asked to pack his bags and leave.

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Furious, Dailide attacked one of the men, punching him in the head. When a second man tried to intervene, he was also punched to the head and Dailide had to be restrained.

He got his belongings and left but was later arrested in the local area.

Dailide was handed a 26 week sentence, suspended for 24 months, on Tuesday (28 February) and ordered to do 160 hours community service, as well as participate in rehabilitation activity, after pleading guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm and assault by beating.

Detective Constable Victoria Speirs said: “Dailide’s housemates had every right to challenge him about his behaviour, as they were sharing accommodation, but his reaction was way out of proportion.”