Peterborough county lines drug dealer banned from being in possession of £100 cash by court

A ‘county lines’ dealer of class A drugs in Peterborough who was jailed last month has been given a 10-year criminal behaviour order (CBO).

By Stephen Briggs
Wednesday, 4th November 2020, 4:49 pm
Updated Wednesday, 4th November 2020, 4:52 pm

Heraldo Alves Te, 25, was arrested on 15 September by the Community Action Team after police received information about suspected drug dealing in the New Road area of Peterborough city centre.

Alves Te was found to be in possession of two mobile phones, and despite no drugs being found on him, analysis of his mobile phones showed significant evidence of organised drug dealing of class A drugs, and that he was in possession of the main ‘line’ for a county line running in Peterborough.

Last month (October), Alves Te, of no fixed address, was sentenced to three years and nine months in prison after pleading guilty to offering to supply crack cocaine and heroin.

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Heraldo Alves Te

MORE: County lines dealer jailed for more than three years after being caught on Peterborough streetsOn Friday (30 October), he was handed a CBO lasting for 10 years which prohibits him from:

Being in possession of more than £100 cash at any one time, in any currency, unless a requirement of lawful employment (for which proof must be provided immediately upon request)

Having contact with or being in the company of a child under the age of 18 without prior permission (for which proof must be provided immediately upon request) from the parent, guardian or lawful authority responsible for the child

Having contact with or being in the company of a vulnerable adult unless accompanied by a healthcare professional, police officer or probation officer

Being in possession of more than one mobile phone, which must be registered with police (for which proof must be provided upon request), with the exception of where phones are the result of lawful employment

DCI Chris O’Brien said: “We know drug dealing groups often use young or vulnerable people to deliver their drugs by paying them or by forcing them through violence and grooming.

“These young people are often aged between 12 and 20, so this court order to stop Alves Te being in contact with anyone under 18 is really positive news.

“We don’t tolerate exploitation and are working hard to make our county hostile to those who deal drugs. This order will safeguard children and some of our most vulnerable members of our communities from being exploited by Alves Te, and make it increasingly difficult for him to commit crime once he is released from prison.”

Failure to comply with the requirements of this order will result in arrest and being put back before the courts.