Peterborough awarded more than £600,000 to tackle violence against women and anti-social behaviour

“Thanks to training funded through Safer Streets, CCTV operators were able to prevent a potential rapist from striking and direct police resources to save a woman during an attack.”

By Stephen Briggs
Tuesday, 26th July 2022, 5:00 am

Government funding worth more than £600,000 will help tackle anti-social behaviour and violence against women and girls in Peterborough and Wisbech..

The area has been awarded £630,000 from round four of the Home Office’s Safer Streets Fund. The money will be used to deliver interventions which tackle anti-social behaviour and Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG).

Darryl Preston, Police and Crime Commissioner. said: “This is excellent news for Wisbech and Peterborough and I would like to thank Cambridgeshire Constabulary, Fenland District Council and Peterborough City Council for working so closely with my office in order to secure the award.

The funding will help tackle violent crime against women

“In my Police and Crime Plan I said I would tackle, prevent and provide support to victims of anti-social behaviour and VAWG. To date our county has successfully received £1.8m from all four rounds of Safer Streets funding and the money is already making a difference. For example, thanks to training funded through Safer Streets, CCTV operators were able to prevent a potential rapist from striking and direct police resources to save a woman during an attack.”

The grant is worth £634,285 over 15 months and will pay for a range of new initiatives and interventions to keep people safe in the Medworth Ward of Wisbech and Peterborough Central, some of which will include:

The creation of two new posts within Peterborough City Council and Fenland District Council dedicated to tackling anti-social behaviour;

Extra mobile CCTV cameras and an additional member of staff who is already trained in spotting predatory behaviours;

Extended training to be delivered to Security Industry Staff and taxi drivers on how to spot predatory behaviour and what to do when it is identified;

The setting up of a Sexual Violence Ambassador Scheme within three schools to improve young people’s knowledge of VAWG, promote equal relationships and prevent violence in dating and intimate partner relationships;

Training for teaching staff and pupils in secondary schools to help identify predatory behaviour;

Funding for a Street Chaplain scheme in Peterborough to provide support and assistance to those that wish to enjoy the city’s nightlife;

Resources for to develop local Neighbourhood Watch schemes with studies showing that for every 100 crimes committed an average of 15 crimes were prevented in active Neighbourhood Watch areas;

Ring (video) doorbells will also be offered to homes within Peterborough Central and Medworth Ward as a preventative measure against burglary.

Vicki Evans, Assistant Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire Constabulary. added: “The fourth round of Safer Streets funding aims to target neighbourhood crime, VAWG, anti-social behaviour and the fear felt by people as they go about their business in open spaces within communities.”

“The funding will allow us to step up patrols and work closer with partners to prevent future crimes happening in the first place. We will also develop our Police Cadet scheme within the local areas. Hearing today that the plans can now bear fruit and be realised is very satisfying and exciting. The Constabulary looks forward to continuing to work with partners, using additional funds to harness existing skills, knowledge and experiences to make our communities safer.”