Money and bank card stolen in Peterborough distraction burglary

Police news
Police news

A woman had her purse containing cash, a bank card and photographs stolen after a distraction burglary yesterday (Monday, February 18).

The burglary took place in School Road, Newborough.

The man responsible is described as white, fairly short in height, medium build, with a moustache, short dark hair and wearing what was described as black work clothes and jeans.

The jacket he was wearing had an elastic waistband. He may have had a small white van.

The man tricked his way into the home address of a lady on the pretence that he needed paying £15 for a fence he had repaired.

While in the property he asked for a glass of water causing a distraction, before taking the purse.

Crime prevention officer for Peterborough Amanda Large said: “Remember not all callers to your front door are genuine. Please be aware of rogue traders and distraction burglars. By taking simple preventative measures you can further reduce the risk of becoming a victim.”


. Check the identity of the caller and ask for ID

. Ask the caller to leave information about the service they are offering so you can read at your leisure and don’t feel pressured into agreeing

. Sign up to your local Neighbourhood Watch

. Call police on 999 if you ask visitors to leave and they refuse

. Call the police straight away on 101 if you suspect a bogus caller has visited you, even if you didn’t speak to them or let them in

. Sign up to your utility service provider’s password scheme.


. Believe all callers are genuine - they are not

. Go to a bank or cash point with a trader

. Believe special ‘today only’ type deals or scare stories

. Feel pressure into agreeing to sign anything or have work carried out.