Killer of Yaxley 'best friends' not sentenced due to concerns over 'mental state'

The man who ran down and killed two men in Yaxley while driving at high speed following an 18-hour cocaine binge has not been sentenced today due to concerns over his 'mental state.

Wednesday, 20th December 2017, 6:01 pm
Updated Wednesday, 20th December 2017, 6:06 pm
KILLER: Richard Frost

Richard Frost, 39, was due to be sentenced at Cambridge Crown Court this afternoon, Wednesday December 20, for causing the deaths of 19-year-old Thomas Fletcher and Thomas Northam, 22, by dangerous driving.He has also admitted two counts of common assault and one of money laundering. The crash happened on the B1091 at Yaxley near Peterborough at around 11am on January 3 this year after what prosecutor Jonathon Polnay described as "an exceptionally prolonged course of dangerous driving"However, Judge Farrell has this afternoon adjourned the sentencing due to concerns around Frost's mental health.

Judge Farell said he was concerned by what psychiatrist Dr Baird had put in his report regarding Frost's mental state at the time of the crash and was "not prepared to take it at face value."

Judge Farrell said: “It’s about the two major issues: the issue of his mental state at the time, and his ability to hear instructions, and from a psychiatric point of view, what his state was then.

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“The other issue is dangerousness, and particularly the risk to the public should be revert to his previous behaviour of taking drink and drugs.”

He added: "It is not possible to proceed to sentence today, but you know a substantial custodial sentence will be imposed in relation to these matters, and what I have to determine is what mental state you were in at the time.

“All that will be determined at the next hearing, which I hope will be at the end of March as I have determined. In the meantime you will be seen by another psychiatrist, and will remain in custody.”

He apologised for the delay to family members of the victims in the public gallery.

Judge David Farrell QC ordered further psychiatric reports about the defendant and adjourned sentence until March 2018.