Covert cameras in operation to catch Peterborough fly tippers at blackspot

Covert CCTV cameras have been set up in Bretton as piles of flytipped waste was cleared from a park in the city today (Tuesday).

Tuesday, 7th January 2020, 2:44 pm

A number of mounds of black bags, pallets and other waste had been left around the Bretton Water Park over the past few days, with residents complaining the area had become a fly tipping black spot.

The water park is a popular attraction with families in the summer months, but it remains closed during the winter.

This morning the rubbish was cleared away, and city councillors warned the culprits action would be taken.

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Rubbish left in Bretton. Pic: Tomek Wrąbel

Cllr Chris Burbage, who represents the Bretton ward, said: “Fly tipping is epidemic across Bretton, and Peterborough as a whole.

“It is sad that particularly in Bretton, where there is a regular monthly bulky waste collection provided free of charge to all residents by Bretton Parish Council, that people still find the need to dump waste in the parks and streets. It is sheer laziness and creates a unpleasant living area for everyone.

“I have recently campaigned for, and have been successful in getting the use of covert mobile cameras which are now in use across Bretton and starting to see results. My message to those responsible is ‘it’s only a matter of time now before we catch you and we will push for prosecutions.”

Over the Christmas period there had been more fly tipping in the area, which Bretton colleague cllr Scott WWarren said had been caused by travellers.

Rubbish left in Bretton. Pic: Tomek Wrąbel

He said: “The fly tipping that was done just before Christmas was caused by the travellers sent up camp. This is problem that on a regular occasions around Bretton Park plus many other places around Peterborough. In Bretton we are currently look into strengthen the gates to the entrances to stop the Travellers enter the park to make the park a safe place for the community grow. We even offered waste bins for the site while the travellers was camped in the park which was refused.”

Peterborough MP Paul Bristow said the travellers had even left faeces behind when they left.

Today he said: “The people of Peterborough are sick to death of those who use our neighbourhoods as dumping grounds. We are calling time on these mindless vandals. I want Peterborough City Council to send a loud and clear message. Your time is up. We will catch you, we will prosecute you, we will fine you.”

A Peterborough City Council spokesman confirmed three large piles of waste were removed from the site after reports were made over the weekend.

Rubbish left in Bretton. Pic: Tomek Wrąbel
Rubbish left in Bretton. Pic: Tomek Wrąbel