Cambridgeshire police ‘will investigate all submitted dash cam footage’

All dash-cam footage sent to Cambridgeshire police will be viewed before a decision is made on whether to seek prosecution.

Sunday, 4th August 2019, 7:00 am
A screen shot from Amir Suleman's video

Sgt Manley said a new portal on the force’s website will allow people to submit footage of incidents on the road.

Asked about dash-cam, he said: “It’s an essential tool for us to investigate fatal and serious collisions. More and more we are asking people for dash-cam footage coming up to, or of, a collision.

“We recently set up a team dedicated to dealing with dash-cam footage sent across the three forces. Any dash-cam submitted to us, we will look at it, and assess whether there is significant enough evidence to prosecute, and if the evidence is there we will look to prosecute.

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A screen shot from Amir Suleman's video

“We respectfully ask that it’s not on social media accounts, so it’s not been viewed prior to prosecution.

To submit dash-cam, visit:

The Peterborough Telegrapgh often gets sent dash-cam footage of shocking driving in the city.

Recently, PT reader Amir Suleman posted a video on Facebook of some of the awful driving he had witnessed while in his car, and allowed us to share it on our website to highlight the importance of having a dash-cam on your vehicle.

Describing some of the terrible driving he had witnessed, which included cars pulling out at junctions in front of oncoming traffic, and even one car squeezing between two vehicles heading towards each other, Amir said: “Some of the driving you come across in Peterborough beggars belief!

“The video speaks for itself. I think a dash-cam is really important to highlight and report dangerous driving, and also to protect one’s self in the event of a non-fault accident - it can really simplify the claims process when you present video evidence.

“Some policies even offer a discount if you have a dash-cam installed.”

Dash-cam footage sent to the PT previously has included two separate instances of buses in the city driving through red lights on the same day.

One of the buses was overtaking a car.