Anger as ‘health hazard’ fly-tip dumped in Peterborough street

Animals and children were put at risk after toys were piled up with dirty nappies and rotten food as waste was fly-tipped in a Peterborough street.

Wednesday, 5th February 2020, 6:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 5th February 2020, 10:12 am

A group of men were seen dumping the piles of rubbish against a fence at Pennington in Orton on Saturday.

While residents approached the men, the stinking mess was still fly-tipped, leaving the council to clear it up.

Orton Waterville councillor Julie Howell, who reported the problem to the council, said the mess had been a health hazard.

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The fly-tipped waste. Pic: Julie Howell

She said: “It started at 2pm on Saturday, when three men were toing and froing taking the rubbish.

“Witnesses did approach them, but they carried on. If people do see something like this happening, I would urge them to call 999 as a crime is in progress. We think it has all come from one home.

“This was particularly bad as there were toys mixed in with the other rubbish, which included soiled nappies and rotting food. It could have attracted children, which would be dangerous, as well as the risk to animals, so it was important to get it cleared as soon as possible.

“It is opposite OrtonGate, and that is a real fly-tipping hotspot.

“We’ve managed to really reduce the problem of fly-tipping in the ward, but it is still an issue there.

It is very frustrating. It is near Hinchcliffe, which has 250 homes.

“Residents there are very angry about this. Whoever is doing this is wrecking the environment in their community, and they just don’t care.

“The fact we are winning the battle with the fly-tipping here makes this even more upsetting.”

A spokesman for Peterborough City Council said to report fly-tipping, call 01733 747474