LOOK INSIDE: Peterborough pop-up restaurant that is proving to be irRESISTable

Resist Vegan Kitchen
Resist Vegan Kitchen
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A vegan pop up restaurant, which started as a way of feeding hungry music lovers, is making quite a name for itself in Peterborough.

Resist! Vegan Kitchen pop-up at The Ostrich pub in North Street on selected days, and you can see what all the fuss is about tomorrow (Friday, February 23) at a Battle Lines event - a live art head-to-head in the pub .

Lynn Jobson on duty at The Ostrich

Lynn Jobson on duty at The Ostrich

Resist! started when Gareth Ellison’s solution to feeding hungry gig-goers on the local live music scene went down so well that he became inspired to take the idea to the next level.

Resist! has made its home at The Ostrich - which has a reputation for supporting local music and art as well as many of Resist!’s own events.

Gareth- a vegan for more than 20 years - runs Resist! with friend and business partner Lynn Jobson, a fellow vegan.

As well as their in-house set up, they provide the food for Battle Lines and cater for weddings, events and a range of fundraisers.

Despite having purely plant-based menus, Gareth says they aren’t trying to create an environment that only vegans are welcome in; their food has been enjoyed by people with a varied range of diets and tastes, and their doner kebab has proved to be a massive hit across the board.

“We have created out our dishes which are a vegan take on street food,” said Gareth, who is self taught because, as he says, most cooking schools just work with meat.

“But, around 80 per cent of our customers are meat eaters and love what we do.

“It is very different to putting a plate of tofu in front of them!”

Other strong performers from the current menu are the slow cooked sticky BBQ ribs (with sugar cane ‘bone’) and pulled jackfruit, with the menu set to expand and adapt to customer feedback.

“You should see people’s faces when you offer them barbecue ribs - complete with ‘bone’ from a vegan menu,” he added.

Resist! also actively promote Peterborough music events, with recent performers including Billy Pettinger aka Billy the Kid (Canada), Andrew Paley (Chicago) and Norwich’s Ducking Punches (Dan Allen of Ducking Punches also designed the Resist! logo).

Resist! Vegan Kitchen joins a growing club of independent vegan restaurants and pop ups across the UK that include Beelzebab in Brighton, V Revolution in Manchester and Temple Of Seitan in Hackney, which all look set to enjoy a great 2018 as the vegan diet heads further into the mainstream.

For more on Resist! check out www.facebook.com/resistvegankitchen.events/154546958583495/?ti=cl