Business and politics part ways on EU referendum outcome

Clear blue European sea has emerged as business and political leaders in Lincolnshire differ on the consequences of a future outside of the EU.

Saturday, 25th June 2016, 6:59 pm
Updated Saturday, 25th June 2016, 8:03 pm
Emma McClarkin, Conservative MEP for the East Midlands. EMN-160126-132932001

Andy Pelling of Deepings Business Club said: “Personally, I am very sad and disappointed with the result as I believe that many people voted without fully understanding all the issues and long-term implications, especially for our younger generation.

“Let’s just hope that Brexiteers who, as far as I could see, did not have any detailed future plans can manage to make things work and that they do not come to seriously regret the way they voted.”

But Emma McClarkin, one of the East Midlands’ five members in the European Parliament, said: “A new day has dawned for the British people and the destiny of our great country is in our hands.

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“Britain will now be a freer, more democratic and prosperous country, so our future today is bright.”

“Having campaigned for a Leave vote, I am naturally and absolutely delighted that, against all the odds, the force of our arguments has cut through and resonated with a majority of the British people.

“I hope that those in the Remain campaign will now accept the result as the settled will of the British people and work positively to help ensure a swift, orderly and friendly exit from the EU for the United Kingdom.

“We must now all work in the national interest and it is now up to us as politicians to deliver the will of the British people.

Andy Pelling of Deepings Business Club.

“I look forward to helping out in any way I can in the days months and years ahead.”

Simon Beardley, chief executive of Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce, said: “There are a number of short and longer term issues that all Chamber of Commerce groups up and down the country will need to be involved in on behalf of our members.

“But the immediate priorities are for market stability and political clarity.

“Things will not happen immediately and it could take up to two years for the full exit from the EU to happen.

Simon Beardsley, chief executive, Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce.

“Although having said this, the environment our members will work within during this period of transition is likely to be challenging.

“As one of the largest business organisations in Lincolnshire, the Chamber of Commerce has a wide range of members in a wide range of sectors and each one will have slightly different views about the EU exit, both now and in the future.

“Therefore, we need to be able to clearly understand their issues and be ready to support them when needed.”

Andy Pelling of Deepings Business Club.
Simon Beardsley, chief executive, Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce.