Some old pubs in Stamford you might recogniseSome old pubs in Stamford you might recognise
Some old pubs in Stamford you might recognise

15 Stamford pubs you might still recognise

They are gone but not forgotten - here are 15 “lost pubs” in Stamford

The names might be familiar to some but it is more likely most people will recognise the buildings.

This collection can still all be seen on a stroll around the town - thanks to the historic setting.

Some are houses now, others are offices, shops and even a pizza takeaway.

Today’s nostalgic look at the pubs generations of people will remember with fondness was sparked by the Lost Pubs Project - online at

It is a community project set up archive lost pubs nationally before they are forgotten for ever.

If you know of a pub which has closed at any time in the past, submit it, together with any anecdotes, historical information, updates or photographs that you might have. Many of the pubs listed are from local contributors

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