Waste Not, Want Not - how to stop food waste

Waste Not, Want NotWaste Not, Want Not
Waste Not, Want Not
Do you ever look in the fridge and find a lettuce or some tomatoes that need eating up FAST? Or perhaps it has already gone past that point and you have to throw it in the bin.

As part of the Lucy and Jorge Orta: Food exhibition at Peterborough’s City Gallery and Museum arts organisation Metal are inviting you to find out just what you can do to help stop Food Waste – be it through cooking demonstrations or attending inspiring talks.

‘Waste Not, Want Not’ is a free debate and discussion on our basic necessity, food, and the issues of food waste. It takes place on October 13 at Peterborough City Gallery and Museum from 7pm. Corin Bell of the Real Junk Food Project will be joined by other activists keen to reduce food waste - Ian Tenant, Vera Zakharov, Love Food Hate Waste Project Coordinator at Brighton & Hove Food Partnership, Peterborough Food Cycle, The Women’s Institute and Peterborough in Transition.

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If you prefer something more practical then the free cooking demonstrations at Get Set Cook Food Waste on October 15 might be more your thing. This year, the Women’s Institute’s chosen campaign is about reducing Food Waste and Food Poverty and they are keen to give you some practical tips on what you can do at home. At Get Set Cook Food Waste they are partnering with Peterborough Food Cycle, West Raven Big Local and Peterborough chefs to rustle up dishes from food that would usually have gone to waste. Presented with a bag of waste produce from the local supermarkets, they will be inviting you to sample the inspiring recipes as they cook them. Simply drop-in to see the demonstrations at 1.30pm, 2.30pm and 3.30pm at Peterborough City Gallery and Museum.

For more details visit www.metalculture.com or call 01733 893 077.