Levoit introduces its Tower Fan to keep you cool this summer

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We all know what it's like to try and sleep in the summer when it's hot, humid and you can feel sleep getting further and further away. I certainly know the feeling and wonder why I bought such a well insulated house.

One way to help this situation is by sleeping with a fan in your bedroom but then more challenges come along with the noise. Enter the Levoit Tower Fan.

The upgraded motor is powerful enough to achieve a maximum fan speed of up to 25 feet per second, enabling the fan to cool the room quickly and easily, thereby reducing stuffiness in any room.

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In addition to this, the 90° oscillation mode provides an extra-wide coverage of up to 7m (23ft), and is capable of circulating fresh air to every corner of the room, so that everyone will feel the benefit.

Fully customisable to the user’s preference, there are also four main modes: Auto Mode (hassle-free control), Turbo Mode (rapid cooling), Advanced Sleep Mode, and Normal Fan Mode (manual control).

Selecting an option is simple and convenient with the included remote control that allows you to adjust the settings and cool down without having to get up – perfect for anyone using it in bed! The fan even features an impressive LED display where all information is easily visible.

Designed to minimise disturbance whilst in use at night, the Advanced Sleep Mode on the Tower Fan turns off all display lights and can also intelligently and slowly adjust the fan speed based on the stages of the person’s sleep. In addition, the noises levels are as low as a whisper at 28dB, so there will be nothing to interrupt the beauty sleep.

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The simplified maintenance of the fan ensures a high-quality performance for years and makes it extremely durable. Perfect for ensuring that the air is clean and healthy, the washable back cover and wind wheel can easily be removed so that the inside of the fan can be wiped down. With a quick setup and no tools required, the base pieces can simply be snapped together, and it can be used immediately for some fresh and cooling air.

The Levoit Tower Fan is available to buy from Amazon for £79.99

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