Top 21 simple money save hacks to help you save cash

Struggling Brits looking to cut back on their spending are being offered helpful advice on the easy changes they can make to save cashStruggling Brits looking to cut back on their spending are being offered helpful advice on the easy changes they can make to save cash
Struggling Brits looking to cut back on their spending are being offered helpful advice on the easy changes they can make to save cash
Struggling Brits looking to cut back on their spending are being offered helpful advice on the easy changes they can make to save cash.

The thrifty experts at have looked at clever ways to reduce spending without having to make massive changes.

Some of these genius hacks include having a labeled cash envelope, freezing your food and creating a monthly budget chart.

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Others featured include adopting the 50:30:20 rule and having a no spend weekend.

John Stirzaker from said: “The cost-of-living crisis is hitting most of us hard.

“It’s unrealistic to think we’re going to save hundreds of pounds over the coming months, but a few simple changes will see you save a few pounds here and there. That cash soon starts to add up.

“These are simple solutions on how to save those extra pennies, such as freezing food before it goes out of date, creating a monthly budget and batch cooking.

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“Even little stuff such as turning off all the plug sockets when you leave the house can make a massive difference.”

Here are NetVoucherCodes’s 21 simple hacks to help save money:

1 Create a monthly budget chart

Get creative when budgeting by making a monthly budgeting chart using different colours and illustrations to balance out spending habits.

2 Make a labeled cash envelope

Have a labeled cash envelope for certain purchases and don’t go over it. For example, snack allowances could contain a tenner which has to last all week.

3 Fill up at the cheapest petrol station

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The petrol crisis continues to cripple driver’s bank accounts. Searching up the cheapest local fuel prices online can help save you pounds per month when filling up the tank.

4 Get a cash lockbox

Lock cash away and keep it in a safe place in your room. Only open the box in an emergency.

5 Transfer money between bank accounts

Having two bank accounts is better than one, this way you can send an allocated amount of money, depending on how much you want to spend in the day. If that’s all the account has in, it should stop you from overspending.

6 Try a ‘no spend’ weekend

Use the weekend to enjoy cost-effective activities, from playing board games, seeking out new walks with beautiful scenery, to starting a new TV series.

7 Freeze batch cooking

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Prepare cost-effective meals for the week by freezing your food to save the weekly food shopping allowance. To further save, take these meals to work for lunch instead of buying a meal deal.

8 Use resale clothing platforms

Using resale clothing apps will let you sell your unwanted clothes to help clear your wardrobe, but also add to the piggy bank.

9 Allocate times to spend

It’s easy to do late night buying out of boredom, so to stop this, allocate time where you can and can’t spend. Make a simple rule such as no spending past 6pm when at home.

10 Use the 50/30/20 saving strategy

Divide your income into three simple categories: 50% on needs, 30% on wants and 20% on savings – watch and see as the savings start to add up.

11 Late night trip to the reduced section

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If you live locally, head down to the supermarket at different late times to check out the exciting deals on offer in the reduced section. A 50p sushi selection? – Bargain!

12 Trade takeaway for ‘fakeaway’

Get inventive with special treat meals. Instead of splashing £30 on a Saturday night Chinese, get the ingredients needed and make it from scratch to save cash.

13 Meal plan for the week

Think about what you want to make, write a list and stick it to the fridge. Simple as that.

14 Sell unwanted items

Getting rid of that old chair by selling on a popular selling site or taking it to a cat boot can help you make a decent profit.

15 Use non-branded food and drinks

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While it’s tempting to buy items such as branded juice drinks, swap them out for non-branded versions which taste the same, just with a different look.

16 Use company saving points

Many shops and supermarkets have introduced point saving schemes to help stack up those rewards for buying.

17 Cancel unnecessary subscriptions

If you don’t use a streaming service or magazine subscription as much as you used to, simply cut it out and make the one-off purchase instead.

19 DIY presents

Present buying is one of the biggest worries, but sometimes materialistic gifts don’t always have the most thought put into them. A DIY gift can mean so much more to both receiver and maker.

19 Calculate special offers

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Not all offers are as good as they seem, sit back and calculate whether the two for £1.50 offer may be a simple marketing ploy rather than a viable way to save spending.

20 Use the stop and think method

Before buying another drink at the bar or looking at a new top in a shop, just stop and think “Do I need this?” before making unnecessary purchases.

21 Turn off all the plug sockets in the house

A classic hack, but one which benefits the most. It’s not just about turning off your lights, it’s also turning off your TV, gaming console, toaster at the socket when you’re not using them.

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