Rain gutter reimagined: unique home decor and storage solutions from upcycled gutters

As we emerge from the harsh clutches of winter, homeowners are faced with the aftermath of the season's toll on their properties. Among the most common casualties are rain gutters, which often bear the brunt of heavy snow, ice accumulation, and storm debris, leading to damage that necessitates repair or replacement.
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We had a conversation with the team at Plastic Centre, and they shared their insights: 'The cycle of damage and replacement isn't just a challenge; it's an opportunity for creative innovation. These household components can be transformed into home decor and practical storage solutions.'"

Indoor Applications

Wall Planters


One of the most popular uses of old rain gutters is transforming them into indoor wall planters. By mounting sections of guttering onto a wall, you can create a modern, linear garden space that's perfect for growing herbs, succulents, or flowers. This not only brings a piece of nature indoors but also serves as a living piece of art that can enhance the ambiance of any room.


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Another inventive application is using gutters as bookshelves. Their shape makes them ideal for holding books, magazines, and other small items in a tidy, visually appealing manner. Installed in a child's room, they can make book selections easier and more accessible, encouraging reading and organisation from an early age.

Outdoor Applications

Rain Chains

Outside the home, upcycled gutters can take on a new life as rain chains. By cutting the gutters into smaller sections and linking them together, they can be used to guide rainwater from the roof to the ground in a visually captivating way. This not only adds a decorative element to the exterior but also serves a practical purpose in water management.

Garden Beds

For those with a green thumb, old gutters can be repurposed into raised garden beds or balcony planters. This approach is particularly useful for small spaces or urban settings where ground planting isn't feasible. It's an excellent way to grow vegetables, herbs, or flowers, providing easy access and control over the growing environment.

The Creative Process

The transformation of rain gutters into decor and storage solutions requires creativity, a bit of DIY skill, and an eye for design. It's about seeing beyond the conventional use and envisioning what could be. The process typically involves cleaning, cutting, and painting the gutters to fit the new purpose and space. The beauty of these projects lies in their flexibility; gutters can be adapted to fit any size, shape, or colour scheme, making them a versatile option for personalizing your living spaces.