95-year-old Peterborough gardener's sunflower climbs over nine feet

Breaking his own record, 95-year-old John Schneider’s sunflowers have grown to an impressive nine feet towering over him and his family who he loves to grow them for.

Sunday, 29th August 2021, 1:45 pm
Sky high, John Schneider's great grandaughter, Esme Toma and son-in-law, Lucian Toma measure up to the beaming sunflower.

Towering over his hedges, the sky high sunflowers are a family favourite to his grandchildren and great-grandchildren who love to measure themselves against it every time they visit.

With his green fingers, he tends not only to sunflowers but an array of flowers and vegetables all year round in his garden

John, who lives in Eastrea, has been growing them for around thirty years.

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He said: “It’s probably the tallest one I’ve grown but I did grow one similar over 20 years ago, when one of my grandaughters was quite small. They certainly brighten up the garden and make people smile.”

Known locally for his plants which reach new heights, John is renowned for his magic touch with the flowers as he's had several grow to impressive heights before his latest record breaker.

A 'keen' gardener, John tends regularly to his vegetables and flowers in his garden.

He shared his top tips on how to grow sunflowers that reach the sky.

He said: “It’s best to put them out after the frost has gone in a spot where they can get the sun. Water them well and regularly.”