Marks & Spencer launches 50 new products for Halloween plus return of store's 3 for 12 squeal deal

Colin has been coated two layers of chocolateColin has been coated two layers of chocolate
Colin has been coated two layers of chocolate
Marks and Spencer has introduced more than 50 new products for Halloween and brought back its for £12 Squeal Deal running from Tuesday October to Monday October 31.

They range from light up lanterns from £4, to the ultimate spiced pumpkin martini cocktail for a chilling grown-up night In.

Halloween products include:

Double Choc Yummy Mummy Colin the Caterpillar, £12, 865g

Hairy Harri Monster Celebration Cake & Monster Cup Cake Minis, £16, £920g / £4.25 for 9-pack minisHairy Harri Monster Celebration Cake & Monster Cup Cake Minis, £16, £920g / £4.25 for 9-pack minis
Hairy Harri Monster Celebration Cake & Monster Cup Cake Minis, £16, £920g / £4.25 for 9-pack minis

For the first time, Colin has been coated in two layers of chocolate.

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Featuring Colin's classic extremely chocolatey sponge, filled with signature chocolate buttercream, then coated in a layer of Colin’s classic milk chocolate and a layer of creamy white chocolate too. Complete with eerie chocolate eyeballs.

A pack of 5 minis also available for £2.75

Hairy Harri Monster Celebration Cake & Monster Cup Cake Minis £16, £920g / £4.25 for 9 pack minis

This spooky but cute large Monster Celebration Is made with madeira sponge, strawberry jam filling, topped with vanilla buttercream. While the mini monster cupcakes feature chocolate sponge, topped with vanilla buttercream and edible decorations.

Marksologist Spiced Pumpkin Martini Cocktail, Vodka based, £18

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Part of the Marksologist range, the new pre-mixed luxury cocktail Is made with a vodka base and flavoured with pumpkin, maple and a spiced syrup. Simply shake over ice and serve.

Petrified Pamela Pumpkin £3.50, 260g

Hand-stretched garlic bread, with cheese, sundried tomato, and pesto base. Perfect for family sharing.

S'mores Pizza, £4, 250g

Stonebaked pizza, topped with chocolate sauce, white and milk chocolate drops, biscuit balls and marshmallows. Perfect for tearing and sharing.

M&S Popping Zombie Jelly Brain, 635g, £5

Raspberry flavour jelly brain with lychee and blueberry eyeballs with a raspberry drizzle and popping candy sprinkle.

Haunted Halloween Light up Hot Chocolate Lantern, £4

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The lantern comes with a flickering green light and is filled with Fairtrade drinking chocolate.

And if you like something sweet and buttery to go with it, festive shortbread biscuit tin comes in two designs - the Light Up Spooky Lantern and the Light up Haunted House, both £6.

Halloween Squeal Deal – 3 for £12

Everything you need to guarantee a fabulously fun night in, including vegan and vegetarian options.

For the perfect picky tea or party buffet, pair Mini Hocus Pocus Sliders, made from 100% British beef and golden puff pastry, with our “Eye Want Pizza” mini pizzas, topped with cheese and a gherkin and olive “eye”.

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Finally, don’t miss the new Zom-Beef Fingers, made with British beef, green peppers and finished with a tomato sauce “blood” dip.

Deal includes

Eye Want Pizza

Butternut Squash Ribs

Firecracker Ghouliflower

4 Boo Bao Buns

Vegan Dead Man Fingers

Carrot Witches Fingers


Chicken Monster Munchies

Maple Sausages

Meaty Mummies

Box o' Bats

Wriggling Worms

Hell-oumi Fingers

Zom-Beef Fingers

Spooky Sliders

Available in store between October 25 to 31

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