2am closing time approved for Peterborough’s German Donor Kebab

German Donor Kebab in Peterborough has had its request to remain open until 2am on Friday and Saturdays approved.

German Donor Kebab shop on Bridge Street.
German Donor Kebab shop on Bridge Street.

The Bridge Street restaurant made the application to change extend its opening until 2am on both Friday and Saturday, currently it closes at 1am on these days of the week.

The company says that this will bring their premises in line with competitors but will not have and significant impact on the local area.

The application stated: “With over 100 restaurants internationally (over 75 nationwide), and a significant number of these trading until 02:00 hrs or later, GDK as a brand are well equipped to operate safely and correctly with the extended hours. The subject site has been open for a few months now, with no concerns raised with regard to noise or odour.

“Currently, Dominos at 94 Bridge Street successfully operates until 02:00 hrs on Fridays and Saturday, indicating a desire for hot food services at these times, but not suggesting over saturation with neighbouring uses. It is therefore considered that the extending of operating hours would not have any significant impact on the local area with no saturation of late evening or night trade.

“There is a strong demand in the local area for food later into the evening and which by way of the additional hours trade per week there will be further employment hours offered to staff in a further boost to the local economy.”

Cambridgeshire Police were given the opportunity to comment on the plans but said that it could find no particular issue with this kind of premises.

Designing Out Crime Officer Dave Griffin said: “While we receive a large number of service calls for Bridge Street, many of which relate to the night time economy, there is nothing recorded to suggest that there is any particular issue with this type of premises. I have noted the supporting statement and operating procedure within the documents outlining the steps being taken to comply with the licencing objectives including preventing crime and public safety, which will need to be complied with.”