Featured in the Michelin Restaurant Guide 2022

14 restaurants rated by Michelin closest to Peterborough

The famed Michelin Restaurant Guide was updated for 2022 this week - and here are the 14 restaurants closest to Peterborough which foodies might like to try.

The Chubby Castor, opened four years ago in the old Fitzwilliam Arms off the A47 at Castor, is a regular in the guide, noted for its modern British dishes.

Prevost, now at the Haycock Manor in Wansford, having relocated from Peterborough city centre, is another restaurant that is well known and appreciated locally.

For those happy to travel a little further, Rutland and Cambridge are well served when it comes to listings in the guide - with the two-Star rated Midsummer House and one Star Hambleton Hall the biggest names.

Lee Clarke on Prevost’s inclusion in the guide.

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