Peterborough restaurant to get a taste of the Americas

Damian Wawrzyniak at House of FeastsDamian Wawrzyniak at House of Feasts
Damian Wawrzyniak at House of Feasts
A globetrotting Peterborough chef is heading to the United States and Mexico this month - and plans to share the experience with diners on his return.

Damian Wawrzyniak will spend the next two and a half weeks on the other side of the Atlantic working with chefs in some top restaurants in New York and Chicago.

But when his House of Feasts restaurant in Crowland Road, Eye Green, reopens on January 26, customers will discover a taste of the Americas inspired by his travels on the menu.

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Damian siad: “I am travelling 20,000 miles in the next couple of weeks and will be cooking in some great kitchens in New York, Chicago, Cancun and, on the way home, Dublin.

“I want to talk to chefs in the USA and see how they have developed their culinary culture over the last 70 years, the tastes, the flavours, the ingredients.

“It is all about research, development and learning new things. Then when House of Feasts reopens there will be lots of exciting American-inspired dishes on the menu for the next three months.”