Picture this - saucy postcards from Peterborough’s past

Saucy postcards are one of Britain’s great traditions which date back to the late Victorian and Edwardian periods.

At the time, postcards were a booming business with crafty entrepreneurs soon realising the addition of a place name would boost local sales. They were, of course, a popular form of communication long before the days of mobile phones and emails. How did they cope!

Peterborough and the surrounding area was no exception, and today’s Looking Back pictures are a selection of cards, some cheeky, some scenic, from days gone by.

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One postcard seems quite unusal in that its location is very specific – Thorpe Road.

Can anyone place exactly where the location of the picture is? Is it the bend near to Thorpe Hall?

Other cards feature other areas, including Farcet and Sawtry.

The Sawtry one is of the saucy type with the words reading: “If I had the time I could tell you a lot about the beauties of Sawtry.’’

Another postcard extols the virtue of the city.

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The pilot’s words are: “I’m in seventh heaven at Peterborough”.

Some of the scenic postcards came with a flap which revealed more images.

The postcard with the picture of a bird on it reads: ‘Why we crow about Peterborough’.

And then it encourges the recipient to “look under my wing and no longer you’ll doubt that the town has a lot to be ‘cocky’ about.’’