Peterborough driving instructor hoping to avoid price rises as petrol prices soar

Cost of filling a family car hit £100 yesterday

By Stephen Briggs
Friday, 17th June 2022, 5:07 pm

A Peterborough driving instructor has said he is trying to avoid any price rises – despite the cost of petrol and diesel soaring at the pumps.

Nick Darani, from Papa Nick’s Driving School in Peterborough said he had not had to increase the cost of lessons yet – but may be forced to unless action is taken to tackle the price increase soon.

This week the cost of filling up a family car hit £100 for the first time.

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Motorists filling up in Peterborough as fuel prices continue to rise

Nick said: “At present I am having to absorb the rising cost of fuel myself, so I don’t pass on the increase to my clients. As the last thing I want to do is to make another contribution in the continuous cost of living expense even higher.

“However, if the prices continue to rise I might have no further option than to put a slight increase in my hourly rate. But I’m trying my hardest for this not to happen.”

The AA have called for price cuts to be made as soon as possible – saying High streets across the UK are losing £23 million a day in potential consumer spending to record petrol prices.

On Thursday average pump prices hit new records with petrol reaching 183.16p a litre and diesel 188.82p - petrol up another 0.85p on the day before.

With pump prices on Sunday at 177.88p a litre for petrol and 185.01p for diesel, respectively they have gone up 5.28p for petrol and 3.81p for diesel in just one week.

This time last year, petrol averaged 130.08p a litre and diesel 132.50p.

Edmund King, the AA’s president, said: “High streets are already reeling from families cutting back in this cost of living crisis. With soaring petrol costs, shop tills are haemorrhaging £23 million a day to fuel.

“Worse still, as the holiday season approaches, UK tourism will see millions of pounds of potential spending by visitors lost to higher petrol costs at forecourts along the way.”

“This is the worst week of pump pain so far for drivers. We would urge drivers at the moment to cut out shorter car journeys if they are able to do so and walk or cycle to save money. Almost one fifth of AA members are already doing this. But by changing your driving style you can also save up to 15% on fuel costs. These crippling fuel costs are hitting home so drivers need to take all the steps they can to stay mobile.”

North West Cambridgeshire MP Shailesh Vara said: “The cost of fuel is incredibly concerning, driven up as it has been by spiking global demand and the war in Ukraine.

“I’m pleased the Government has consistently kept fuel duty frozen since 2011, and took action in March when the Chancellor announced the first fuel duty cut in a decade.

“The fuel duty cut of 5p will save the average family £100 over the next twelve months, and hauliers will save £1,500.”

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Petrol prices in Peterborough as the cost of filling a family car reaches £100