Chris Porsz took this picture of the NHS protest in Peterborough in 1982.
Chris Porsz took this picture of the NHS protest in Peterborough in 1982.

Looking back: Protesting Peterborough nurses reunited after 40 years

A protest by Peterborough NHS staff is the subject of this week’s reunion pictures feature from Chris Porsz.

By Nigel Thornton
Sunday, 20th March 2022, 7:05 pm

Chris explained: “NHS workers were pictured marching for better pay in 1982 in Cathedral Square.

“They walked there from Peterborough District Hospital and then returned back to the hospital.’’

Jo Hemingray (nee Rickard) (on left) and Jean Shelton (nee Wiltshire) (in white tunic) returned to Cathedral Square for the reunion.

The ambulance man running in the original picture was Mike Radford, who helped lead the campaign.

He is now a lecturer in Aberdeen and renowned expert on animal welfare law.

Fred McNamee (second from right in the original photo) and Chrissie Parnell (between Jean and Freeda) were also unable to attend the reunion.

Jo, who worked as a theatre nurse and orthopaedic sister at PDH and Edith Cavell Hospital , said: “I absolutely loved my job.”

She has five children and nine grandchildren.

Jean worked as an operating department assistant at PDH from 1974 to 1991 and then went to the Fitzwilliam Hospital for a year, before spending seven years working in America.

She returned to the Fitzwilliam in 1999 until she retired in 2014.

She still lives in Peterborough and has two children.

She said: “I really enjoyed my job and met lots of interesting people. It was lovely to see Jo again after so many years.”

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