Looking Back: Now you see the chimney, now you don’t!

Chris' original photo from 1982Chris' original photo from 1982
Chris' original photo from 1982
This is the second selection of ‘then and now’ photographs taken by Chris Porsz from the roof of Peterborough Cathedral.

Chris said: “In the mono picture I took in 1982 I can see on the skyline the British Sugar chimney and factory which was demolished in 1991.

"You can also see The Town Hall dome and in front of the cathedral is St John’s church and the Corn Exchange which used to be home to the Post Office but was demolished in 2009.’’

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The Corn Exchange was taken down as part of the multi-million pound public realm redevelopment of the city centre which included the creation of St John’s Square.

Chris added: "I’m sure readers will enjoy working out the new buildings in 2023.

"I wonder who the three girls in the foreground were?

" It could be a ‘reunion’ in the making!”

•Street photographer Chris Porsz’s unique reunion pictures – where he recreates pictures he took decades ago – has earned him international recognition.

Back in 2009 the Peterborough Telegraph gave Chris his weekly column 'Paramedic Paparazzo' from which his 'Reunions' project was born when readers saw their pictures from decades ago.

Most of his pictures feature Peterborough people and places and are often the result of painstaking detective work by Chris to track down his subjects.