Looking Back: Million to one chance encounter led to picture

There are many amazing stories behind the pictures in photographer Chris Porsz’s Reunion books but the one that led to recreating a picture with friends Ricky Clarke and Phillip Boardman takes some beating.

By Nigel Thornton
Sunday, 1st May 2022, 8:00 am
Ricky and Phillip in Lincoln Road
Ricky and Phillip in Lincoln Road

Chris explained: “In 1982 mates Ricky Clarke and Phillip Boardman were doing their annual Penny for the Guy.’’

Ricky said: “We would make a guy and push him in a wheelbarrow or pushchair to Lincoln Road and sit there for the day and we’d often make about £20.

"The reunion photo in 2020 brought back lots of fun memories.”

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Ricky and Phillip reunited in Lincoln Road

Chris found Ricky after responding to a 999 call when he worked as a paramedic.

Ricky added: “I was having a heart attack and Chris turned up at my house at 2am.

"I had seen my photo in Chris’s Peterborough Telegraph column and I was trying to tell him while he treated me.”

Chris said: “I couldn’t believe this million to one chance encounter and I had a job to concentrate but managed to remain professional.

Ricky and Philip in Cromwell Road

"That particular photo appears in my book Reunions 1 and shows Ricky (top right) and Phillip (bottom left) with their mates playing in a derelict house in Cromwell Road.”

Ricky has five children and lives round the corner from Phillip, who he is still friends with.

Philip has worked as an industrial roofer, a TV and video engineer for Granada, a scaffolder and a caretaker for the Wirrina Stadium.