Looking Back: Forty years on and Ben still didn’t score!

Local football leagues thrive up and down the country and Peterborough is no exception.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 20th May 2022, 10:03 am
The action shot from the 1981 game between Ancol and Broadgate
The action shot from the 1981 game between Ancol and Broadgate

Action shots grace local papers like the Peterborough Telegraph but no other will have recreated the action 40 years on as photographer Chris Porsz has done here.

Chris took the original photograph showing the Ancol vs Broadgate football match at the Grange in Mayor’s Walk, in 1981, before recreating it four decades on.

Goalkeeper Andy Pilgrim (on the ground) said: “I was always in goal, it was a fun league and we were successful.

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The action is recreated 40 years on

“It was wonderful to be reunited with Ben and Bob again in 2021.”

Andy is widowed, with three children, and runs a cleaning company.

Ben Tolomeo (left) played as a striker for Ancol for a couple of years and later for Broadgate.

He played in a number of other Saturday and Sunday league teams, including Stilton, Oundle Town, Brotherhoods and Crosfield.

He now works as a customer service officer at Queensgate Shopping Centre, has been married for 35 years and has two children.

Bob Latimer (middle) played as right back for Broadgate for 14 years, then played for Belmore. He has worked as a locksmith for 35 years and has one son and two step-sons.

Chris Porsz’s two Reunions books have earned him (and Peterborough) worldwide attention. Chris delved into his archives of ‘street’ photography and then set about the task of tracing the participants and convincing them to take part in a recreation of the original pictures.